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Southeast Asia probably remains the number one location for UK backpackers and will probably be so for the foreseeable future but South America has been knocking on the door for many years now.

In some ways Latin America could be a better destination for the long term backpacker. One particular advantage that South America has over Southeast Asia is language. Virtually all of LA speaks one language and it’s an easy one.

Only Brazil differs from Spanish but all the other South and Central American countries speak the language of Spain. This means that after a 6 month backpacking trip you could be semi fluent in a new language – something many Brits are not!

Southeast Asian languages are notoriously difficult with perhaps the exception of Malaysia and Indonesia. Spanish is a far more useful language.

If you do head to South America then of course ensure you have very comprehensive backpacker insurance in case things go wrong. Don’t be fooled into thinking medical care is a bargain out there – you will pay dearly for any treatment that’s up to a British standard.

Listed below are a number of travel insurers who cover South and Central America…

Worldnomads backpacker insurance is an extremely popular backpacker travel insurance company that offers great features that can be bought from anywhere in the world!
Some of their features include the following:
– Ability to buy cover while you are travelling even if you have left home
– Cover many different nationalities
Quotes from £21.00 / $49.00

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Aviva travel insurance has a number of different options for backpackers and long term travellers. Some of the features include:
Emergency medical treatment
Emergency dental pain relief
Repatriation (emergency flight costs)
Quotes from £45.00

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Alpha Travel Insurance has been specifically designed to be simple and straightforward with a number of specialist backpacker policies which start from just 24p per day!
Quotes from £32.00

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Get going offer their customers quick and affordable travel insurance for medical conditions, with the option to choose from a number of cover levels and policies.
Quotes from £29.00

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Columbus is a well established provider of UK travel insurance to backpackers and long term travellers alike. They are also useful for the active traveller as they cover over 150 sports and adventure activities.

Quotes from £8.00

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Explorer have specialist cover for backpackers from the UK heading to such destinations as Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. North America can be added too.
Quotes from £12.00

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